Our subscription-based plans are tiered to make sure you only pay for what you need.

Our options include up to six tax-related calls per year – so that you’re able to understand, plan, and decide with confidence – and year-end tax preparation that is built on what we’ve accomplished together.

At Tax America USA, we know that an educated taxpayer is someone who is in control.

When it comes to your taxes, being in control provides peace of mind – the kind that helps you sleep well at night.

 This Plan is Perfect For:

All plans require an annual contract billed monthly.  Your plan is determined by your filing status and types of income you received.



Primary Tax
  • Individual Form 1040

  • Do you have wages from a job with taxes withheld?  Will you receive a W2?

  • Did you have a bank account pay you interest?

  • Did you receive Dividends?

  • Did you withdraw from your 401k or any other pension or retirement account?

  • 2 calls/ year

Intermediate Tax
  • Primary tax +

  • Do you have wages from a job that withheld taxes withheld?  Will you receive a W2?

  • Are you a subcontractor?

  • Do you own a house with a mortgage? Donate to charity? Have medical bills?

  • Do you own rental property?

  • Did you sell stock or other assets?

  • 3 calls/ year

Small Business
  • Intermediate tax +

  • Individual Form 1040

  • Are you a Sole Proprietor, DBA, or a Single Member LLC- (Sch C)?

  • 4 calls/ year

Corporate Tax
  • Are you an S Corp? a C Corp? an LLC? or a partnership?

  • Business Tax Strategies

  • 6 calls / year

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